What You Need To Know About Shower Surrounds

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Modern Shower Surround Ideas

Your chosen shower surround has a direct impact on the appearance of your bathroom. Customized shower surrounds will cost you more but will greatly enhance the appearance of the room. However, this is not to say that other materials will not give you the kind of look you dream of. By being creative, you can come up with designs that will do an equally great job. When looking to install or replace the shower surround to your bathroom, talking to an interior designer will see you getting ideas that you may not have considered previously.

Made of natural materials that are mixed with water, this material makes for an eco-friendly shower surround. Moreover, unlike many of the shower surrounds available in the market, natural plaster will not give off harmful compounds that may harm the body when inhaled. With all these characteristics, natural plaster ensures that the environment, as well as the air around the house, is not negatively affected. When applied by hand, this material can be suitable for both traditional and modern interiors. Also, plaster makes for durable shower surround that is easy to clean and maintain.

This is a lime plaster that is nearly waterproof. When professionally applied as shower surround, this material results in a luxurious and organic finish. According to experts, tadelakt can be used on both the interiors and exteriors of buildings. Although the natural color of the material is light gray, it can be mixed with other natural colors to give the preferred color that you may want on your wall.

Concrete is another option you can consider when you want to change the shower surround in your bathroom. The results of this material are similar to those obtained when plaster is used. However, the advantage of concrete is that it is cost-effective. In comparison to other materials, concrete will significantly reduce the overall costs of your project. This has made concrete a popular choice among homeowners.

Back-painted glass
Back-painted glass is made by painting the back side of a conventional glass. Afterward, the glass is fixed using adhesives used when installing mirrors. Alternatively, you can use tracks at the top and bottom of the glass to ensure that they are firmly held in place. Besides the glossy look that you can achieve with back-painted glass, the technique used to come up with the glass offers limitless options in terms of colors.

Custom-printed glass
Instead of the back side being painted as is the case with back-painted glass, custom-printed glass features a graphic image on the back side. Since glass is durable and is likely to serve you for long, you should consider an image that will not become outdated quickly.
In summary, it is important to go for shower surrounds that will not only match your tastes but enhance the functionality of your bathroom. Choosing the best shower surround in the market will help to project a positive image among your visitors.

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