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The marijuana boom has seen all kinds of shops opening to serve the cannabis market. In some places, head shops serve as tourist attractions, museums for beautiful glassware, or places to hang out and relax. Walking into a physical head shop can be a wonderful experience. There are spectacular colors everywhere and alien-like paraphernalia of all shapes and form. However, it can also be overwhelming, given the endless options of equipment available for purchase.

Some people make a ‘grocery’ list of items they want to buy, before they go on a headshop errand. This helps them not get carried away and buy more than they need. No one can blame them. Visiting one of these shops gives the same Alice in Wonderland feeling that kids get when they go into candy shops. The beauty of online shopping and delivery is that one can access an online headshop from the comfort of their home. Though the experience is less intense, there is still a wide range of items to view and purchase.

There is no strict guide to buying gear from a head shop. However, there are a few essential equipment and tools that people might be interested in, especially if they are buying kits from scratch. The following are a few examples of things that a buyer could get online or directly from a physical shop.

‘There is no smoke without fire (except if you use a vaporizer)’. Unless one plans on consuming their marijuana, it is essential to have a reliable lighter. New buyers are usually tempted to get fancy Zippo lighters. Unfortunately, these do not work well with most smoking equipment, save for rolled blunts. Simple lighters usually suffice for bubblers, bowls and other types of pipes. Those who want to have a little more thrill can always get miniature gas torches.

People always get away with not owning a grinder. Scissors, shot-glasses, pill bottles and coins, and even the good old fingers have been proven to work well for some folks. But if one has already put in the effort of getting into a shop, it is harmless to just get a good grinder. Grinders help break up marijuana buds into fine pieces that are easy to light. For making edibles, it is vital to use a grinder to break the cannabis into small bits. This provides more surface area, for easier THC extraction.

Bongs, bowls, pipes, and paper
The list goes on… Bubblers, rigs, pens, you name it. There are dozens of types of equipment that people can use for smoking marijuana. In the end, it all depending on budgets, storage space, and personal preferences. One can get small pens that can slip easily into a pocket or a purse, or large intricate bongs that can take up a whole closet of storage space. These apparatuses come in a range of material, with plastic and glass being the most common.

The public opinion is that vaporizing marijuana is better than smoking it. Besides the long-term health benefits of not inhaling real smoke, it has also been shown that vaporizing is more cost-effective. Less marijuana is needed when vaporizing, to get the same effect one would get through smoking. Most smokers also agree that the effects of marijuana are more immediate when vaporizing.

A lot of headshops like Thick Ass Glass have all these mentioned equipment, and more. While it is convenient to shop for gear online, some people prefer to handle things before committing to buying. Provided the proliferation of walk-in headshops in a lot of cities, this wish is easily granted.

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