What if You Write Your Own Obituary?

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It is a sad and difficult time when you lose someone that you love, especially if it is someone very close to you. There are funeral arrangements to be made, relatives and friends to contact, an obituary to write, and other details to tend to. Fortunately, many people these days make advanced arrangements to take care of their will and funeral arrangements. Did you know that you can also write your obituary in advance?  By writing you own obituary, not only can you ensure that it says what you want it to say, you relieve the responsibility from loved ones who would otherwise have to write it.

In a very large city such as Houston, obituaries are an everyday occurrence. Often, distraught loved ones will use a similar format as the many others that they see. This is fine, however, if you prefer to have a voice in how your life will be remembered, then consider including your obituary in your death planning.

Tips and Ideas for Your Obituary

First, keep in mind that writing you own obituary doesn’t mean you are giving up on life. It means you care about how you will be remembered. Plus, it shows that you want to make things easier for your loved ones when you do eventually pass away.

  • Read other obituaries for ideas: Look through the current Houston obituaries to help you get started on your own. It always helps to have an example when you don’t know where to begin.
  • Write your story: Don’t get too caught up writing about all your accomplishments in life. This will read more like a resume. And honestly, resumes can get boring. People relate to stories. Figure out what the story of your life is and write about it.
  • Describe your philosophy about life: Only you know what life has truly meant to you. While loved ones may share your stories and achievements, it is more difficult to describe how someone else feels. Use this opportunity to share what life means to you.
  • Make sure it can be found easily: It is important that someone knows that you wrote it yourself. And it is equally important that they can find it after you die. Leave it with your lawyer, or in a secure place, and make sure someone knows where to find it.
  • Update it as needed: If you include your obituary as part of your death planning arrangements, you could possibly write it many years before your time has ended. As life events happen, make sure to make the necessary adjustments to your obituary.

With planning, you can create an obituary that is interesting, inspirational, and that people will remember for a long time. Who knows, as someone else is reading through the Houston obituaries, they may choose yours as their example.

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