Video conferencing market continues to expand, showing two major development trends

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With the development of the Internet, interpersonal communication, collaboration, the meeting no longer by geographical, time and other conditions, as long as they can connect to the network, you can immediately office. For the enterprise itself, regardless of business size, reduce costs and improve the communication environment are essential. The greater the enterprise, the more effective communication for the enterprise to save the cost more, the higher the efficiency of the upgrade.

Business communication needs of the continuous growth and network information transmission technology constantly changing, to promote the network video conference has become one of the main channels of information communication.

First, the convenience of communication and low cost

In the increasingly deepening of economic globalization today, the internal and external communication between enterprises increasingly frequent, resulting in internal and external communication costs surge, as an important means of enterprise communication information, network video conferencing has become a business to reduce communication costs and improve communication efficiency, Improve the overall level of management and an important means.

More and more companies see the value of online video conferencing. There is no need to be responsible for the travel expenses of the participants, no rental of any hotel space, and no need for on-site conference supplies. Just such a meeting every time you can save the enterprise N million. Not only that, the network video conferencing can also enable enterprises and customers, colleagues and business partners without leaving the office in any case of anytime, anywhere communication, do not need to advance N days appointment time, do not need to arrange for staff to prepare complex meeting information, After the end of the company can be dealt with directly business, very time and effort.


Second, the trend of mobile cloud applications are increasingly mature

 In recent years, the overall scale of China’s network video conferencing market is growing year by year, “China’s video conferencing market 2014-2018 forecast and analysis” in the analysis pointed out that China’s online video conferencing market 2013-2018 will maintain 6.5% compound annual growth Rate, to 2018 the size of the market will reach 490 million US dollars. Which drive the network video conferencing market growth is mainly driven by the growing market demand, communications and IT field manufacturers to vigorously promote.

From the demand point of view, more and more users recognize the value of online video conferencing, which contributed to the further development of the network video conferencing market. In the first half of 2016 the market situation, there have been many new local manufacturers launched a network video conferencing solutions, some communications manufacturers to increase investment in the product, and gradually as a unified communications solutions core

With the 3G / 4G network speed of increase, portable mobile terminal features continue to improve. Smart phones and tablet PCs have an increasing impact on our lives and work. For smart phones and tablet PCs and other mobile terminals support, has become a new topic in the field of network video conferencing. In the 4G network, with the mobile process continues to speed up, mobile has become the major video conferencing vendors to develop a key direction.

In the current network video conferencing market, cloud applications have begun in the real sense of landing development. The development of cloud applications benefited from the manufacturers to vigorously promote the market, cloud video conferencing solutions are more and more diversified. Based on the cloud architecture of the network video conferencing system using the rental model (companies do not need to buy MCU, no large-scale transformation of the network, without the need for professional IT staff, just through the account login to obtain video conferencing services) can save a lot of manpower and material resources cost. Because of this natural property, in the market competition, the cloud application gradually increased by the supporting role as the protagonist, the market heat straight up.

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