Understanding Laboratory Information Management Systems

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To improve lab efficiency, a Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) will be of the utmost value. Not only does a LIMS effectively manage lab samples, but it also manages the associated data. Regardless of the type of laboratory you are operating out of, a LIMS can assist in handling massive data volumes by streamlining your lab operations, thus increasing the management, tracking, and centralization of the data. Labs that implement a LIMS enjoy an enhancement in their overall lab effectiveness and efficiency thanks to automated workflows, integrated instruments, and better sample management. These labs also tend to notice the overall level of professionalism improves along with their ability to meet customer demand.

Two ways that LIMS help meet customer demand

1) produce accurate results faster that can be reproduced and are more reliable
2) easier to perform sequencing runs and store the data, track the data, and assess it over a short or extended period of time; this improves operational efficiency

Challenges that can be overcome with a LIMS

One of the best ways to determine if your lab will benefit from the implementation of a LIMS is by first assessing the challenges you are facing. If any of the following obstacles are present in your lab, a LIMS will prove to be of immense value.

– Difficulty in finding methods that are scalable that can be used to organize and track samples and their associated data
– Difficulty managing the connections that are created between samples and their associated data
– Difficulty reducing the time spent computating samples and their manual management
– Difficulty storing and retrieving samples and their associated data
– Difficulty managing in-house solutions that are simple and relevant to the protocols needed to progress in the research programs you are taking part in

The benefits of LIMS

Once a LIMS has been integrated into your lab, there are numerous benefits to be gained. You will enjoy an end-to-end management of the information gathered from your samples and tests, as well as the ability to accommodate various users with role-based interfaces, which leads to an optimization in lab efficiency. A LIMS can easily be configured and customized by your lab staff, allowing them to create custom reports that meet your specific customer demands.

A commercial LIMS, such as Blaze Systems LIMS, enable you to increase the professionalism within your lab and present your findings to granting bodies because you will find it much simpler to manage your workflow from end-to-end. You will produce traceable results of the highest quality, all the while increasing lab efficiency.

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