Top Five Ways to Avoid Alcohol Addiction Relapse After Alcohol Treatment

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Seeking alcohol treatment and completing it is a huge accomplishment. While undergoing treatment for alcoholism, you’re offered tools to help you stay sober and clean. You’re also equipped with relapse prevention plans and aftercare plans.

Even though successful completion is a great feat, it’s just the beginning.

Avoiding relapse and remaining sober/clean takes commitment and hard work.

The following are the five ways you can reduce relapse potential:

Keep Off Tempting Situations

Avoid proving to yourself or others that you can be around substances and still not use. While you might manage to avoid temptation once, it might not always be the case. This is especially true if you’re in early recovery. If you can, refrain from situations that might place you in temptation.

Such situations can be emotional or physical. Avoid locations that remind of who you used to be. Finally, avoid situations or people that could be emotional triggers. The last thing you want is to expose yourself too soon after alcohol treatment.

Be Part of Positive Support Network

 Addiction circles normally comprise primarily of  ‘’using pals’’ with supportive friends and family being distant outliers. You need to surround yourself with positive people that don’t engage in any form of substance use. Always be around folks that support your substance-free lifestyle.

Sever unhealthy relationships and/or ties to unhealthy people.

Come Up With a Healthy Schedule

Before leaving an alcohol treatment center, purpose to come up with a daily schedule. In your schedule, include times for meetings, treatment as well as necessary activities such as family time or work. Additionally, include activities of daily living or free time.

Coming up with a healthy schedule is an incredible way of developing a healthier and new routine.

Avoid Getting Complacent

After treatment from alcohol, complacency is highly dangerous. While many people are highly motivated after the completion of their inpatient treatment, the motivation dwindles over time. Find something that works for you after treatment and stick with it. Purpose to continue make it work.

Relapse Isn’t a Failure

You shouldn’t view relapse as ultimate failure. That kind of thinking keeps you addicted forever. Did you manage to stay sober and clean before? If yes, then you’ll certainly be able to accomplish the same again.

If you relapse, feel free to reach out to others. Don’t be afraid of seeking help. Start working on your recovery again. Process everything that led to relapse. By doing that, you’ll be able to learn from your past mistakes.

There’s no magic that can help you avoid alcohol addiction treatment. In addition to following everything you learnt in an alcohol treatment center, you can avoid relapse by employing the above five strategies.

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