Tips to Get A More Massive Bong Rip

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Taking the biggest bong rip is a sign of superiority in the cannabis world. Those who can hold their bong rips are respected like champs as they memorize all those around them. Those who cough out their lungs are clearly seen as newbies. If you tend to fall into the second status quo, we’re going to reveal some secret tips to get you that massive rip your friends will be sure to love.

Work On Your Breathing Control

As you get more oxygen in your system it will allow you to better withstand that time when you hold your bong hit. Practice using your diaphragm to take deep breaths. Many of us don’t use our entire diaphragm to breath, even though we clearly can. Take many deep breaths before connecting with the mouthpiece to take your hit.

Pay Attention to The End Of Your Inhale

If your lung capacity is large, the next thing you need to work on is cushioning the end of your inhale. When you inhale, the bong hit ensure all of the smoke gets into your lungs by taking a short breath of clean air at the end of the inhale. If you don’t cushion your smoke inhalation with this clean air at the end, the smoke will get stuck in your throat. This can cause irritation and require you to cough it out.

Mix In Some Mints Or Gum

When you are holding your hit, your throat can start to get dry due to lack of salivation. Fix this simple problem by having mints or gum in your mouth. When you use mint flavored gum it can make your hit much smoother than normal.

Cool Your Smoke

The hotter the smoke is, the harder it is to get down. Using a bong, such as the one you can find at, instead of a glass pipe can help to cool down your hit. You can get ice bongs or other ice-related attachments that can make your hits even smoother. The smoother the hit goes down the easier it will be to hold.

Check Your Bowl Size

When you are going for a large rip you should use a smaller bowl. This may seem counterintuitive, but let us explain. When you use a smaller bowl it allows for less air to flow around the cannabis. This results in a much better burn that creates a more concentrated smoke.

Release The Carb Correctly

Ensure that when you are approaching your lung capacity limit, that you slowly open the carb. If you open the carb too fast it will allow the smoke to dissipate quickly into clean air. When this happens, the lungs will try to reject the smoke more rapidly.

Let It Out Right

When you go to release the rip from your lungs, do it slowly. This will ensure it comes out smoothly and completely. If there is any smoke remaining in your lungs after you exhale when you inhale fully it will cause you to cough.

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