The Schlage NDE Series And What Makes It Different Form Other Locks

Schlage locks are products of US Allegion Company that has been in the business of creating different hardware and software security options for a very long time. Their Schlage NDE Series is without a doubt one of their best lock lines so far with many different amazing features for everyone to enjoy. The locks are also very versatile allowing use for everything from commercial to domestic security. So what is it about Schlage NDE Series that makes it such a wonderful product? Below are a few of its unique features and controls that make it a great lock option to work with.

Unique Features Of The Schlage NDE Series

  1. Use of secure key fobs

By definition, a key fob is a form of hardware embedded into smart locks that allows authorized individuals to unlock the locks. They facilitate identification and authentication of those seeking to use the door ensuring that only those who have the required key, card or code can get through. The key fobs used in Schlage NDE Series are of very high quality allowing improved security through the locks themselves. These fobs also allow and fast notification of the owner and other relevant authorities in case of misplacement or theft of the key.

Schlage NDE Series

  1. Cloud based data storage and access

The Schlage NDE Series actually consists of smart locks that use a lot of data and information to function optimally. To manage all this data, the locks can be synchronized to secure cloud based accounts for storage and easy real time access. This connectivity is also partly responsible for the remote accessibility provided by these locks. The overall result of use of the cloud servers is therefore not only improved security but also improved accessibility and a whole lot of convenience while working with and on the locks.

  1. Easy control using a convenient mobile app

As with many smart locks in the market today, Schlage NDE Series locks can be controlled using a mobile app. This app allows the user and other lock specialists to access and work on the locks in a fast and highly convenient manner. The app facilitates different activities including changing of virtual and physical locks, monitoring of access and remote alarm control. Unlike many other smart lock apps in the market, the one used to control Schlage NDE Series locks is compatible with several devices and allows connectivity to other control software packages.

  1. ENGAGE Technology

This technology is without a doubt one of the best things about the Schlage NDE Series locks. The technology covers all aspects of the smart lock’s operation from installation to actual use as a lock. The technology particularly comes in handy during the installation making the process a lot faster and considerably easier than it is with most other smart locks. The technology also makes it very easy to make upgrades and to run maintenance on the lock to ensure optimum functionality. The bottom line is that this technology is single-handedly responsible for a huge part of what makes this lock series so much better than others in the market.

  1. Unique security options

Finally, the Schlage NDE Series offers the user very many security options. These include everything from motion detection, automatic lock sensors, silent alarm and notification control and so much more. These options particularly come in handy for the home or building owner as they ensure that the lock serves its purpose of keeping ill-intentioned individuals out of the specific premises.

Bottom line

In conclusion, there is no denying the fact that there is something amazing about the Schlage NDE Series with the amazing locks providing the perfect combination of security, convenience and elegance. One of the best things about this series is just how easy the locks are to install and configure to the different control options available. The locks themselves are also fairly easy to work with which comes as a major bonus whether you are the home owner operating the lock or the specialist working on it for repairs or upgrades. Therefore, whether it is for a commercial building’s front door or for the door to your private home library, there is no denying the fact that the Schlage NDE Series is a line of locks that is worth seriously considering.


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