The Positive Effects of Kegel Exercises

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There are many causes of weak pelvic muscles in the female body. As a result it is very likely that any given woman has pelvic muscles that are weaker than necessary for optimal function. Some of the most common are childbirth, pregnancy, aging, weight problems, and surgery. Weak pelvic floor muscles can be self-diagnosed with the aid of pelvic floor exercisers. Pelvic floor exercisers can also help women perform kegel exercises, which can help improve numerous bodily functions.  While they are not absolutely necessary, exercise devices can provide a big boost to the effectiveness of pelvic floor workouts. For this reason, many medical professionals recommend that kegel exercises be performed with the aid of a pelvic floor exerciser for optimal results.

Positive effect #1: Urinary Health

Pelvic floor exercises, often performed with the aid of a kegel device, are the first recommended treatment for women with urinary problems. These urinary problems may be caused by stress, uncontrollable urges, or a combination of both. No matter the cause, working out the pelvic floor muscles has been shown to be effective. Using a pelvic floor device to aid with performing the exercises has been shown to increase the efficacy of the exercises. This provides encouragement for women to keep doing the exercises, which is necessary to continue to fight incontinence.

Positive effect #2: Fighting against pelvic prolapse 

Exercises of the pelvic floor muscles have also been proven to be effective against the symptoms and severity of pelvic prolapse. Pelvic prolapse is a serious condition that many women struggle with, and kegel exercises are the least invasive way to treat it. Sometimes this condition require surgery, but this can be traumatic to the body, unlike kegel exercises. Scientific data proves this, and it also proves that feedback on performing the exercises, which can be administered by a doctor or a kegel device, can aid in the long and arduous struggle many women have when afflicted with this difficult condition. Women with pelvic prolapses should ask their doctor whether or not kegel exercises would work for them.

Positive effect #3: Improving sexual function

While there is not as much data for this benefit as there is for improving incontinence and pelvic prolapse, the effects of kegel exercises on sexual function can be dramatic. The research shows that women who do kegel exercises regularly have more orgasms, find it easier to orgasm, and even consider these orgasms to be more intense. It is important to note that many women who complain of lack of sensation during sexual activity suffer from problems with their pelvic floor muscles. Thus, exercising the pelvic floor muscles will increase the enjoyment these women get from sexual activity. It should be noted that improving sexual function through the performance of kegel exercises does require doing the exercises frequently and continuing to do them after the benefits have been observed.

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