The Need For Fasting and Daily Prayer

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People in the world are in great pain today. They do not have peace and they are stressed with life. The result is unhappiness. They do not know what to do or where to go. Some people are misguided in the name of religion and this gives birth to terrorism. People are killed for no reason. Most people in some nations live in fear. They do not know what to do and often feel insecure. In short, most people today live in a world of chaos and confusion.

Spreading the message of love and peace around the world

Prophet TB Joshua is a man of God and spreads the deep message of love. He says that evil and vices have dominated the minds of man. There is a lot of suffering in the world. People are dying and are in pain. It is important for mankind to call God and pray for protection. He is the head pastor of The Synagogue Church of All Nations or SCOAN. He has many followers coming to him on a regular basis from all corners of the world. He says that when it comes to love, this language is universal. He welcomes both the rich and the poor. In his eyes all are equal and they deserve similar treatment.

Helping the poor uplift their lives

When it comes to helping the poor and the needy, it is important for someone to guide and help them live a decent living. It is not their fault that they are poor. No one cannot be blamed for being born into poverty. As a true follower of God, he says he has the prime responsibility of helping the poor. He helps them with financial and emotional support. He says they are talented and they deserve the same opportunities as their better off counterparts.

Making predictions about the world

When it comes to the world, he makes predictions that have actually come true. He has predicted the exit of Britain from the European Union and the terrorist attack in France. He says that whenever he makes a prediction, it is the word of God that is spoken through his mouth. He says that when he makes a prediction he posts it on the SCOAN TV channel called Emmanuel TV. There have been allegations that he uses the occult by some non-believers of God for making these predictions. However, this is not true. He says the occult and diabolical forces cannot bring good to mankind. His power is God. He is God’s child and every firm believer of God has been subjected to mass criticism by non-believers. They do place a bad reputation on him all the time. He says that there are people that spread rumors and not true.

Prophet TB Joshua is an inspiration for many people in the world. He also heals many people with anointed healing water. This is the reason why he is popular across the globe. He is loved and respected by people of all ages and background!

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