The Many, Many Benefits of the Nova 3 Sandblasting Helmet

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For those who are looking for a superior sandblasting helmet at a great price, the Nova 3 Sandblasting Helmet delivers. From the innovative design to the attention to detail and comfort, this is a product that meets all expectations, and then truly goes the extra mile.

When Comfort and Safety Collide

A sandblasting helmet is a necessary piece of equipment, but that shouldn’t mean sacrificing comfort. The Nova 3 Sandblasting Helmet was engineered to distribute the weight of the equipment across the wearer’s shoulders and head. That means a lighter feel, and the ability for the wearer to focus on the task at hand, rather than on the discomfort of his or her safety equipment. Improved comfort can lead to reduced injuries, which helps the bottom line. And that is a good outcome for all involved.

Advanced Lighting System

Having the ability to see the work at hand and the surrounding environment is a key component of sandblasting safety. The Nova 3 Sandblasting Helmet comes through, with an innovative integrated LED lighting system that provides as many as 500 lumens of illumination.

Integrated Communication System 

One of the best features of this helmet is the integrated communication system. A noise-cancelling microphone is nestled in a pillow foam surround, which allows for communication in comfort. The system is wireless, which helps workers move freely in their environment. Having an on-board communication system helps workers stay in contact with others in the workplace, without the need to remove the helmet and compromise safety. 

Individual Sheet Tear-Off Lens System

When the time comes to refresh the lens, the single lens tear-off technology really shines. Wearers can simply pull off one layer of lens at a time, revealing a new layer directly underneath. This cuts down on time lost to traditional lens replacement, and keeps projects moving forward. 

Optimize Your Workspace

When workers are able to complete their jobs in a safe, comfortable environment, production improves and projects remain on track. That is key for a successful enterprise. With the Nova 3 Sandblasting Helmet, worker safety is placed at the forefront, and is closely followed by comfort and function. In fact, companies who use the Nova 3 Sandblasting Helmet report a daily productivity boost of 48 minutes. That translates to four additional hours each week, 16 hours each month, and 24 days per year. Those numbers make it clear why upgrading to the Nova 3 is more than just a business expense: it is an investment in the safety of workers, the quality of the finished product, and the financial success of the company as a whole. That is a goal that everyone can appreciate, no matter their position with your company. 

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