The Importance of Switching to Hypoallergenic Jewelry

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More than half of all people wearing jewelry have a sensitivity to it. If you don’t think you have a sensitivity problem, just think back on the time you wore a really cheap pair of earrings. If the earrings caused your ears to feel itchy and swollen, you were experiencing an actual allergic reaction to the nickel or other type of metal in the items. While it can be easy to go out and buy inexpensive jewelry to save money, you’re doing your sensitive skin a disservice and will eventually pay for the cheaper price tag.

Nickel Allergies and Jewelry Sensitivities

There are a few ways to tell if you have a sensitivity to the jewelry you’re wearing. Jewelry sensitivities come in the form of contact dermatitis reactions. This means that the allergic reaction is based on the skin only. It is very rare for someone with a nickel allergy to experience severe allergic reactions that you’d find with other allergens such as peanut allergies and food sensitivities. However, just because the allergy is skin-based doesn’t make it any less problematic. In more severe cases, the allergy can cause major swelling and engulf the piercing in a patient’s ear, requiring immediate medical attention to remove the jewelry.

Buying Hypoallergenic Products

The best way to avoid this problem altogether is to become more aware of the products you’re buying. Instead of buying jewelry because of the way it looks or how cheap it is, buy products for how hypoallergenic they are. These pieces are made using surgical-quality metals that are proven safe for the human body no matter what your level of sensitivity happens to be. If the product you’re looking to buy doesn’t specifically say that it’s nickel-free and hypoallergenic, there’s a good chance it contains this cheap metal and that it will irritate your skin. You can find a variety of beautiful hypoallergenic pieces by visiting

Importance of Taking Care of Sensitive Skin

It is incredibly important that you take care of your sensitive skin if you’re a jewelry wearer. There is a common misconception that if you continually wear nickel jewelry, your body will eventually accept the metal and you won’t experience an allergic reaction to it. This is false because the majority of people who have nickel allergies will get worse the longer they wear the earrings or other jewelry items on their skin. For example, the allergy may start off by causing the ear lobes to become red and itchy and, if the earrings are left in for days or even weeks at a time, major swelling and blistering can occur.

It is crucial to recognize if there is a problem so that you can rectify the situation before it becomes worse. If you notice that your skin is itchy, red and irritated when you’re wearing a pair of earrings, a bracelet or a necklace, take the jewelry off and put in pieces that are hypoallergenic and made for people with sensitive skin.

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