The Importance of Antibacterial Root Canal Sealers

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The bacteria that can live in your mouth can either by good for your health or detrimental to your teeth and gums, and sometimes it can be difficult to explain to patients which is which. While patients may not know very much about how the different types of sealers available, it’s crucial that you know more about how each one reacts to different types of bacteria. Root canal sealers can be used to keep any harmful bacteria out, and there are a variety of choices available so you’re less likely to have any type of major problem later on down the line.

The Difference a Sealer Can Make

When you’re using endodontic sealer, you may want to to use one that was specifically developed with antimicrobial properties. It may surprise you to know that research done into the efficacy of these sealers is somewhat slim, especially when it comes to pitting different ones up against the other to see how well they do with specific types of bacteria. However, there is enough available data to share to concerned dentist trying to do what’s right for their patients.

After different types of sealers were tested, it was found that the mouths that were treated saw a major change in the amount of bacteria colonies that formed. While there may be an infinite amount of bacteria out there, there are 3 major types (F. nucleatum, P. gigivalis and E. faecalis)  that are most likely to attack a root canal, and the sealers may react to each type of bacteria differently.

Several were shown to be extremely good at warding off two distinct types of bacteria, but it was namely the zinc-based sealers that were noted as being excellent when it came to warding off against all three species of bacteria that were tested. Hermetic sealers also performed well (particularly when it came to suppressing the growth of the E. faecalis.) This is not entirely surprising due to its zinc oxide-eugenol ingredient. Most of the sealers performed well when it came to suppressing F. nucealtum. These tests were not only done when they were mixed, but also after they were set. The experiment took a variety of precautions to avoid having any type of compromised results.

What You Can Do

Root canal sealers are meant as another tool to keep your patients’ mouths as healthy as possible, and to avoid any potential problems for as long as possible. Hopefully you’re seeing major lifetime success when it comes to your dental procedures, but it’s helpful to know more about the properties and specific attributes of different tools available on the market to you.

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