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The entrepreneurship run by gay community is usually looked down by the society and may be the driving forces for the dwindling number of such ventures. But what the society try to camouflage is that the Gays and LGBT to have the rights. Those rights are to be protected and upheld. The members of the gay and lesbian community can come out with innovative ideas, but the reception from the other spectrum of society is rather Luke warm.

Silver lining

At last, there is some silver lining with the advent of Gay USA  Pages to bring in the issue on a national level and to some extent on an international level. The tolerance limits the companies show towards their gay employees shall, in turn, decide the productivity derived from them is anywhere near optimal. The expression of the right calibre of such sect of employees will be detrimental the organization’s growth potential.

Discrimination in any form is a discrimination

It is immaterial whether that discrimination is intentional, purposeful or deliberate. It also does not hold water to the subconscious taboo inbuilt within the majority of the society members. Society and religion do not tolerate or encourage the concept of gay simply because that is an unconventional and socially unacceptable way of life.

Social stigma

It is deep rooted in the minds of people to reject those acts which are against so-called ‘accepted'[beliefs, values, and morals. Many take it as against biological principals. In olden days in China, boys were castrated to make them serve the royal harems. And eunuchs were the go-getters in palaces. But there is neither original classification nor categorisation of Gays ti8l recently. The only remedial action was to them outcasts.

Gay USA Pages

Fortunately, the new movement called Gay USA Pages come to the rescue of this segments of society. This action makes then live with dignity and self-respect. Fortunately, the movement is gaining momentum day by day.The stigma and bias associated with the sector have a predominate bearing on the teachings of religions and religious heads. The discrimination is real in business establishments as well.

The denial of a person who seems to be a lesbian, gay or bisexual person finds it difficult to get a job as companies spy on the background of the prospective employees. If at all they manage to get a job, the continuance is tricky. It is also uncommon to see Lesbian, gay bisexual or transgender are offered less pay to make them leave the job voluntarily.

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