The Accidental History Of Offset Printing

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Printing services Phoenix offers offset printing, one of the most common and inexpensive types of printing in the media world. If you have ever wondered what offset printing is, here is a little bit of its history, and how it works.

The History Of Offset Printing

Offset printing came about as a result of an accident. A papermill owner in New Jersey named Ira Rubel noticed something interesting in his printing process. When his lithographic stone press would occasionally miss a sheet it was printing out, he noticed that the very next page would be printed out on both sides. One side was the image from the lithographic stone and the other side was made by the rubber blanket of the impression roller. The side formed by the rubber blanket resulted in a much clearer and more crisp copy than the side produced by the lithographic stone. Ira Rubel quickly joined forces with a friend to make his own printing press that would transfer the image to a rubber blanket first and then offset it to another sheet of paper. This type of printing rapidly rose in popularity and is now one of the most common types of printing.

How Does Offset Printing Work?

The offset printing presses have come a long way since Ira Rubel’s first printing press, but the process remains the same. Printers can either use either precut paper or large rolls of paper. First the image area gathers ink from the ink rollers. Water rollers keep ink from spilling onto all the non-image areas of the plate. The plate then passes on its image to the rubber blanket, which in turn passes it onto the paper that is the final product. All of this happens very quickly. The final result can be very wet with ink, producing the possibility of smudging. The way to avoid any smearing is by passing the paper through a very hot oven, which runs at about 350 – 400 degrees Fahrenheit (176 – 206 degrees Celsius).

What Are The Advantages Of Offset Printing?

One of the many great reasons to use offset printing is its low economical cost. The quality of the print is quite high and can be used for most standard media such as newspapers, advertisements, brochures, catalogs, etc. Printing services Phoenix offers speedy delivery of offset prints, great for people in a hurry to have their latest design printed out for that next meeting, planned event, or school activity, among other variety of uses.

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