Steps to buying a used car

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If you are strapped for money then used cars are a much better option than new cars. But buying a used car requires certain finesse and understanding, or you could end up spending a lot of extra money. Here’s how to proceed with your car purchasing adventure.

Set your budget

Budgeting is important in every sphere of life, buying a car is no exception. Consider how much money you can afford to pay on the car. If you are taking a car loan, make sure the monthly EMI doesn’t exceed 20% of your monthly income. Keep in mind that a second hand hyundai i10 might need regular maintenance, so keep some money for that purpose.

Choosing the car

Some cars like second hand hyundai i10 are very popular used cars, while other models might not be as popular and so can be bought at bargain prices. Make a list of cars, one of which you would prefer to buy. Remember that the age of the car is as important as its make and model. A car between 2 to 5 years of age is ideal.

Check for cars in your locality

You can buy second hand cars in numerous ways; there are authorized second hand car dealers, there are private sellers, some big car brands have their own used car sections. Usually the cars that are put on sale by private sellers cost the least. But there might be more problems as well because those cars are usually not certified; there will also be no warranty or post sale service. If you buy a car from an authorized used car dealer, you might have to pay a little extra, but the extended warranty and availability of post sale services will be well worth the extra expenditure. Also all cars sold by such dealers come with certification by expert engineers.

Shortlist your choice

Once you have decided what kind of car you want to buy and from what type of seller, you can proceed with the task of finding your ideal car. The internet is a good place to start; you can look up car dealership websites or websites where private sellers advertise their cars. Read all the fine print. Look at pictures, find out as much as you can about the history of the cars you like and make a shortlist. Once you have at least three cars on your list, you can contact the sellers and make your final choice after having a chat with them.

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