Some of the world’s popular burger joints

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Not long ago, there was once a time when a burger was considered just a burger. But with a massive increase in the number of burger joints all over the world, and with burgers increasingly becoming one of the top fast food choices among the public, it has now reached the pinnacle of urban gastronomy.  

There are so many reasons to love a burger. It serves as a preferable alternative for those people who usually spend most of their time outside and hence cannot have a proper home meal. With the ever-growing popularity of chains like McDonald’s and Burger King, these choppy dishes have become such a sought after cuisine that it can easily be termed as a “feel good food” of this generation. With its numerous varieties and stuffing’s, burgers can be enjoyed by the people in just the way they prefer.In spite of being a humble dish, its simplest glistening and juiciness can give the most culinary of pleasures. Be it a get together with friends, a simple college hangout or while eating alone, it serves as a pleasant meal choice for people of all ages.

Even though it is one of those dishes which can be insanely stuffed with various amounts of foodstuffs, it is still available at fairly reasonable prices. Such influences have prompted even those people who are not willing to spend highly on food materials. All these factors have led the burgers to become a global fast food choice for the people, thus resulting in a massive increase in the number of burger restaurants and joints in the world. After gaining as much popularity in American and European countries, its trend has quickly escalated into the Asian countries as well, where the choice of cuisines is entirely different. Many cities in countries like USA, United Kingdom, Australia, and Japan are now home to some of the best burger joints in the world. You can also order burgers online using DealVoucherz mobile platform to get offers.

The following is a highly recommended list of some of the world’s most popular burger joints to visit and enjoy the most prolific burgers ever.

  1. The Bird (Berlin, Germany) – If you are ever in a mood for binge-eating, The Bird is a place to visit. Even though it would be amusing to think that a name like “Bird” would be related to burgers in any way, anyone who has actually visited here would say that it serves an exceptional beef to its customers. Located in the capital city of Germany, it is a New York-styled steakhouse which offers home-style burgers with fun themed events.
  2. Shake Shack (New York, USA) – For burger loving people, this is not a place to miss out. Its customers and reviewers have claimed that it would be foolhardy for the tourists to leave “The Big Apple” without trying the best burgers in town. Due to its colossal popularity, the place is usually crowded with customers waiting in long queues for their turn. It is located on Madison Avenue, East 23rdStreet.

3.Kermond’s Hamburgers (Warrnambool, Australia) – If there is any burger joint in Australia which can give the country’ Andrew’s hamburgers a run for its money, then its Kermond’s Hamburgers. Since its formation in 1949, they have been the most talked about burger joint of Warrnambool. It is located in 151 Lava Street, Warrnambool VIC 3280.

  1. Sobrino’s (Mexico City, Mexico)–It stays true to its reputation of being “The Greatest Burger of Mexico”. It is a highly recommended place to visit by its customers since the burgers here are said to be of quality beef and crusty bread. It is located in Avenida Álvaro Obregón 110, Cuauhtémoc, Mexico City.
  2. Poe’s Tavern (South Carolina, USA) – According to their customers, the burgers here are known to be of uber quality with the entrees here being inspired by the works of Poe. The places’ interior decoration is devoted to author Edgar Allan Poe, and hence the name. It is located at 2210 Middle Street, Sullivan’s Island, South Carolina, USA.
  3. Globe Bistro (Toronto, Canada) – Globe Bistro is one of the best dining restaurants of Canada. It offers a Canadian style farm-to-table cuisine along with a large selection of wine. With high ceilings and a stylish roof deck, Globe Bistro has top-notch interior decorations. It is located at124 Danforth Ave, Toronto, ON M4K 1N1.

These were just six of the countless well-known and recognizable burger joints of the world. Due to its ever-growing popularity, major burger companies are spreading their business to every corner of the world by opening up world class burger places.

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