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Many travelers not only have New Zealand as a major destination they want to visit and see but as a fairly high choice on the bucket list of places to see and visit. New Zealand was long a “hidden gem” favorite before the entire world saw parts of this country’s astounding natural aesthetic beauty when “The Lord of the Rings” movies came out. Since then the incredible natural wonders of this nation, combined with the friendly social attitudes, has made the two main islands a big destination. There are many great ways to get to see the many incredible sights throughout NZ, and whether you decide to rent a car, a motorhome, or go with a campervan hire, there are many great options available.

Looking at Motorhome Rentals

Renting a motorhome can be a really enjoyable way to see the country, and the advantages are obvious with motorhomes. Having a nice bed to sleep on, the ability to buy food, store it, and cook it, and having your own shower and bathroom are all ways to make vacations a lot easier since you get to travel with the conveniences of home right there with you.

On the other hand if you don’t have a lot of experience driving motorhomes, the winding coastal roads of New Zealand and narrow one way bridges might not be the best place to really try to ramp up that experience, especially as you are keeping in mind kilometers per hour instead of miles, and making sure to stay on the left side of the road instead of the correct one. These will also tend to be much more expensive than a car when it comes to rental prices.

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Looking at Renting a Car

This is often the default way to go, especially if you are an international traveler, and there are some obvious advantages to this one. There are often many different choices between cars, vans, SUVs, or even trucks, and you can get the vehicle that works for you. These don’t require a special license and you have the independence to get off the beaten track and really explore if you want. This is often a cheaper alternative to motorhomes or campervans, though obviously more than public transportation.

However, when you rent a car one of the downsides compared to these other options is that you really don’t want to sleep in it – meaning you still have to find hotels, places to stay, or even campsites depending on the season. This does lead to extra expenses.

Public Transportation

Great when you’re in the cities. Not all that helpful when you are road tripping or visiting various rural areas to get a full look at the country. This is a great option for certain urban areas and the systems are generally excellent in cities like Wellington and Auckland.

Hire a Campervan

Many tourists doing a longer term visit see this as a very good alternative. A great campervan is a nice balance between a car rental and while it might not offer as much as a motorhome it does provide a way to travel at your place, a comfortable place to sleep, and very basic amenities that anyone who has done long term camping or traveling will be more than happy with. This really is a great middle choice that offers a lot of benefits, especially during warm seasons where you have a plethora of options to choose from when it comes to setting camp for the night.

There are many different ways to explore the beauty and wonder of New Zealand. Take a look at what you really want on your vacation and let that be your main guide. A trip of a lifetime is not the time to cut pennies – figure out your best travel options and enjoy!

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