Reducing the Risks of Prostate Cancer

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While no one wants to get cancer, the advice about how to prevent it can widely vary. And unfortunately, science still hasn’t come up with fool-proof ways of ensuring you don’t get the dreaded disease. Certainly, part of your chances are dependent on genes, but there are specific factors that you can change if you’re looking to reduce your chances. If you’re interested in tips to prevent prostate cancer New York, read on for more information.

A Real Threat

Prostate cancer is the second most common type of cancer that men can get, with about one in seven receiving a diagnosis sometime in their lifetime. The good news is that this type of cancer spreads extremely slowly, and the survival rates are very high: practically all men will survive at least 15 years after a diagnosis. But even with those numbers, cancer is still a major event, one that’s expensive and eats away at the time in your life that you could be spending doing what you want to do. Age, family history and even race do play a part in the men who end up getting this disease, which obviously can’t be helped. Those warnings are simply imparted to make you more alert to screenings. For example, men over the age of 65 make up most prostate cancer cases (about 70%.) Those who are African American are more likely to both get the cancer, and to have more aggressive cases that spread faster. To mitigate your chances at any age though, here are some changes you can start making right now.

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Altering Your Lifestyle

It cannot be said often enough in our culture that you are what you eat. Avoiding prostate cancer New York starts with your diet. Those who eat a lot of animal protein that comes from red meat are more likely to get prostate cancer. There are so many benefits of switching over to lean proteins from sources like poultry, nuts, or beans. In addition, the more plant-based material you eat, the less likely you are to encounter a cancer diagnosis. You may also want to decrease the amount of animal fat you consume from any source — including dairy. Increase the amount of olive oil in your diet for healthy fats, and get more vitamins and fiber daily. Substitute whole grains for complex carbs, eat cooked tomatoes and fresh leafy greens wherever you can, and add broccoli, cauliflower and fruit in your diet. Green tea can help too, as can quitting smoking or any tobacco consumption for good.  Beyond cancer prevention, diet changes can help your energy, mood, and aid in getting rid of a variety of other health ailments.


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