Reasons to Use a Silicone Bong

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Cannabis smoking has become more widely accepted throughout the country and world. With this acceptance comes new ways of smoking cannabis and making it more enjoyable. One of the major problems with smoking out a typical bong is that it is prone to break. Silicone bongs are a way to enjoy all the benefits of smoking in a device that is durable, sanitary, lightweight, and cost effective. If you or someone you know is a smoker and is looking for a way to improve their smoking experience, these bongs might be the answer.

Typical bongs are made out of glass which is fragile and easily breakable. Silicone constructed bongs are practically unbreakable. Some people who smoke are smoking because of crippling pain, this pain can lead to incidents that lead to a broken bong. Even if you just have clumsy hands, these bongs are a great choice to save you the mess of having to clean up broken glass.

Save Money
Buying a glass bong than having it break seems like a waste of money. Some glass bongs can be really expensive and spending money on a new one is annoying and a waste of cash. Due to their protectiveness against breaking, the are more cost effective than other options. Instead of having to buy another bong every time your glass one breaks, one of these silicone-made bongs can be bought instead. No longer be in fear of breaking your bong and shelling out money to buy a new one.

Easier Cleanup
Not only are they longer lasting and cost effective, they are easier to clean. Bong can get dirty fast and a clean bong is a better bong. Cleaning a regular bong can take a really long time and doing a thorough job is important but seems almost impossible. With bongs made out of silicone, cleaning up is easy. To clean these bongs you can just put them in the dishwasher and let the machine do the cleaning for you. Getting these bongs clean and getting rid of any gunk or bacteria is much easier than cleaning glass bongs.

Safer Transport
Another aspect of smoking is travel. If you use cannabis for chronic pain or find yourself using cannabis daily for any reason, traveling with a glass bong can be hard. Transporting these bongs are also much easier. Due to their lightweight construction and unbreakable design, they are much more convenient to transport than glass bongs. These bongs can be put into any bag or box without fear of breaking. Travel and move around with ease knowing that your bong won’t break.

Getting a bong made from silicone is a way to ensure a longer life out of your bong. If you are tired of dealing with broken glass, hate how inconvenient it is to travel with, are tired of buying new ones when they break or want a bong that’s easier to clean, a bong made from silicone could be for you. Next time you are shopping for a bong, think about getting one. It a more convenient way to smoke.

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