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Many love the new car smell and the spring-fresh look of a car on the lot. Or right after a hand-detailing at a Phoenix car wash. Then again, neither the smell nor the pristine look will last very long. Dust from the air, bird droppings, corrosive ingredients, debris, and sap from trees in the air soon dull the paint of the car.

This ugly film will take a toll on the paint of your car. Within a week, it attacks the luster of the paint. Corrosive chemicals in the air, acid rain, and even some popular car care products are the main culprits.

By all means, wash off the worst surface dirt and grime, dead insects, tree sap, and other surface debris before it gets a chance to attack the car finish. Especially when the vehicle parks outside.

However, not all of us enjoy taking care of their ‘baby’ once a week by washing it themselves.

For those who dislike washing their car, a car wash, whether a Phoenix car wash or any other, is a good way of keeping your car clean with minimum effort on your part and at a reasonable cost. In addition, car washes are beneficial to the environment. They reduce water use by recycling water and by controlling harmful emissions.

Commercial car washes offer a range of services from the very basic to highly specialized treatments.

  • Basic car wash

A basic car wash provides, just as it says, a basic wash followed by rinsing and drying.

Water pressure washes dirt, grime, salt, loose debris, and other dirt off the exterior. Then non-abrasive cloth strips wipe off the loosened dirt. Forced air removes remaining wash water.

That’s the basic car wash car owners generally need. However, a few times a year, it is a good idea to give your car some special treatment in a Phoenix car wash. One of the most useful is an undercarriage wash. This special wash removes accumulated salt and other corrosive chemicals that lodge in nooks and crannies of the undercarriage.

  • Extra services

Car washes also offer a number of extra services, such as wheel cleaning, clearcoat protection, and rust protection. The dust from disk brakes sticks, especially to alloy wheels. It will permanently stain the wheels if not removed. Car washes in Phoenix and elsewhere generally use products that do a great job removing baked on brake dust.

The clear coat protection protects the color and the clear coat from harmful UV rays.

Modern cars generally have factory rust protection.

Judicious and frequent use of a car wash is a great way to preserve the appearance and value of your car.

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