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If you’re currently running a parking business or thinking about starting one, you need the necessary materials to maintain professionalism and keep organized during operations. There are a variety of different items you will need for your parking areas, including parking signs and tickets. Here’s a list of the materials that you’ll need for your parking areas and why they are important for your business.

Parking Violation Stickers

When running a parking area, you will need parking violation stickers to protect your area from illegally parked vehicles. Parking violation stickers are bright in color so that they are easily visible to the driver. These violation stickers mention to the vehicle owner that they are illegally parked and that their vehicle information has been noted down. The vehicle owner is warned that if a second violation occurs, their vehicle will be towed. The violation stickers have a section for the violator’s vehicle information that you can keep on hand to make sure the vehicle doesn’t illegally park again.

Parking Tickets

Depending on the parking area you are operating, you’ll need a parking ticket system to determine when a vehicle has entered and to ensure that they are not parking in your area illegally. If you’re parking business is a parking garage, spitter tickets will be the best option because they will automatically time stamp the ticket and will be required in order for the customer to leave the garage. If you’re running a smaller parking area, you may need a hangtag parking ticket. You can keep part of the ticket for your records and write down the time of entry. On the vehicle, the tag will hand from the rearview mirror. You can also use the hangtag to indicate current damage on the vehicle if you will be handling the vehicle in any way. When the customer is ready to leave, you will compare the hangtag ticket to your claim ticket and charge accordingly.


Having the correct signage for your parking area will keep incoming vehicles organized and indicate certain areas. Exit signs are extremely important to keep the flow of leaving vehicles controlled and help parkers find their way out without trouble. Stop signs also come in handy for smaller parking areas so that the driver knows an attendant will approach their vehicle and hand them the necessary ticket they will need to exit with. You can also use do not enter signs to mark certain one way areas of your lot or to mark off valet areas. If your parking area is easily accessible, you may also want to have a private parking sign to serve as a warning for vehicles who park in your area illegally. The correct signs will help your lot stay organized and functional.

Traffic Control

Traffic control materials are also important to have on site for your parking area. An important addition to your lot is speed bumps. A small and portable speed bump will help keep your parking area safe by controlling the speed of drivers. It also helps to prevent accidents and injury on your lot. Depending on the area of your parking lot, you may also need a gate arm to control traffic. A gate arm will allow you to only permit access when a certain action is made, such as your customer receive an automated ticket or speaking with a booth attendant who will open the gate arm once the driver is permitted inside.

Obtaining the right materials for your parking business will ensure that your business is well maintained and will keep customers coming back.

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