Maintaining Your Core Crew During the Off-Season

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If you’ve been working events for several years, you are well aware that the difference between delivering a seamless and memorable day to your client depends largely upon the attitude of your crew. When you have motivated supervisors and dedicated workers, almost any sudden surprise can be handled quickly and without panic. Maintaining that upbeat pace and positive attitude during the summer season when there’s more work than you can schedule is easy. However, crew management in the off-season can be even more crucial when you are booking next season’s calendar and guaranteeing a superior experience for your customers.  How can you keep those key personnel on the books and returning to you for more work when none is scheduled for several more months?

Celebrate Each Holiday With Your Crew

Whether you hold an official company party or simply put out feelers for a casual evening of food and drinks at the favorite water hole, bringing those who helped the company succeed during the busy times will appreciate the acknowledgement of a seasonal get together. Consider it an investment in lowering your training costs by reducing the number of people who turnover with each year. Those who still refer to their summer jobs during the winter will be more likely to return that first call of the season and encourage their teammates to join them.

Newsletters Maintain Contact and Communication

The crew may not be in the business of answering the phones and setting up appointments, but they do want to know what’s happening upstairs, so to speak. By sending out a newsletter through email or snail mail once a month, you build interest and excitement in the upcoming season. Perhaps there’s an especially large even on the horizon that will take added personnel. What better way to keep the lines of communication open than reaching out yourself. Add a picture or two of last year’s biggest events and the holiday party for everybody to share.

Assign Off-Season Projects to Key Personnel

Was there an aspect to your event business that the crew often commented on last year? Develop your key personnel by asking them to participate in off-season revisions.  Once again, it’s all about ensuring that there is two-way communication being used, growing your best employee’s abilities and encouraging better crew management. Talk about changing uniforms, upgrading existing software or tweaking event day procedures. Even encourage discussion about workplace safety. When you value your staff’s feedback, they will be more likely to be loyal to your business.

Seasonal businesses that rely on returning staff can be a tricky thing to manage.  By improving your off-season crew management skills, enjoy an easier time recruiting when the event season cranks up in the spring.

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