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Clenbuterol comes mostly in the form of oral pills is available as 20 mcg and 40 mcg tablets. However, there are some manufacturers who make liquid Clenbuterol which can be dropped under the tongue or added to the beverage. Many users want to know the capacity of the liquid clen and how it works against the Clenbuterol pills. Openly saying there is no major difference, except the users have to measure the doses accurately.

Liquid Clenbuterol is an effective bronchodilator used to treat asthma and bronchial disorders, thermogenic stimulant. It increases the body temperature and hypes the metabolism. Many people use liquid clen to lose weight through its fat burning property. Though such bet2 stimulator is available in the pills form, it also comes in liquid and injection forms. However, Syrup or liquid has the same effects as pills.

Measureyour Dose

After deciding that you are going to take liquid clen for oral use, the next step is to understand the concentration of liquid clen. Since clen is measured in micrograms, there are many possibilities to miscalculate the doses which end up in too much of intake. If you want to determine the right dose, you should calculate how many micrograms of actual clen is available in each milliliter of the solution.

It is better to titrate the dose before use

Since liquid clen has the tendency to produce potential side effects, you should titrate the dose to avoid them. It is highly recommended by the experts that 20-25 mcg is the starting point and increasing 20 mcg per day until you reach the optimal dose. It has been also advised that two-three weeks on and off cycles will make the body to adopt the tolerance. As we already discussed there is not any big advantage for liquid clen when compare with pills. The choice is yours and you should carefully measure and titrate the dose upward to avoid potential side effects. Do not take the oral dose in theempty stomach which may lead to stomach upset. Since different brands come with different diluted levels, the users should be aware of the concentration level of liquid clen. Some formulations have quite unpleasant taste and the liquid clen can be used along with juice for such cases.

How to take your Dose

Liquid Clenbuterol is available in bottles with 1ml droppers that can use to measure the liquid clen accurately. The users are not recommended to go for other tools except the measure comes with the package. Most of the people do not like to take clen liquid in themouth, since it induces nausea. So, many of them mix liquid clen with juices to avoid the bitterness. Some people will divide the dosage, 100 mcg into two 50 mcg per in the morning and afternoon instead of taking the full dose and it is better to take the doses before 4 pm to avoid insomnia at night.

Liquid clen can be purchased from any reputed chemical companies or research laboratories. It is also available in online sites. However, the users should checkout with the reputation of any sources before buying clen. The users may choose either pills or Syrup or liquid, depends on their convenience.

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