Know the best English songs of 2016-17

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Everyone likes listening songs whether they are Hollywood or Bollywood songs. Songs are the best way to avoid any type of difficulty as they boost you and make you happy. There are many famous English songs 2017 which are sang by many famous singers of Hollywood such as Justin Beiber, One direction, Fifth Harmony, Riana, Miley Cyrus and many more. There are many top English songs 2017 which can be listened on various websites by downloading them or by live streaming.

Top 6 English songs

Following are the details of the top 6 English of the year 2016-17:

  • Work from home: This song is sung by the famous Girls group Fifth Harmony. The song is labeled by Epic and Syco. Work from home is directed by the famous music director X for various promotional purposes. Although it is named as “work from home” but before this name it was names as “work”.
  • Needed me: Needed me is the famous song of Singer Riana. This song is labeled by Roc Nation and Westbury road. This song is written by many famous writers like Robyn Fenty, Nick Audino, Adam Fenny, Lewis Hughes, Te Warbick, Brittany Hazard, Darius Rachel, Alicia Reene and Khalid Rohaim. The producers of song are DJ Mustard, Frank and Kuk Harell.
  • Close: The singer of close is Nick Jonas. It was written by ove Lo, Julia Michaels, Justin Tranter, Mattias Larsson, and Robin Fredriksson. Close song is included in Funk genre. The producers of close are Matmann and Robin.
  • Dangerous women: Dangerous women is the famous song of singer Arianna Grande. This music track is labeled by Republic records. Victoria Monet, Arianna Grande and Tommy6 Brown are the producers of this exciting record. It is written by the famous music lyricists Ross Golan and Johan Carlsson.
  • Love yourself: The amazing song is Love yourself is sung by the famous singer Justin Beiber. This song is very intense and caring. It is the 5th track of Justin Beiber from album Purpose. It is written along with Ed Sheeran and Benjamin Levin.
  • Sorry: Sorry is the very popular song of singer Beyonce. It belongs top electro pop music genre. The producers of Sorry are Melo-X, Gordon and Knowles. This song is written by Diana Wynter Gordon, Beyonce Knowles and Sean Melo-X Rhodan.

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