Keys To Effective Direct Mail

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If you want your direct mail campaign to be successful, you have to plan and execute it properly. This includes finding a reputable company that does direct mail printing with the level of quality necessary to grab the attention of readers. Plan your pitch carefully, and in a way that gets people to keep reading.

The Headline

You only have a few seconds before people decide to finish reading or throw out your direct mail. Your headline should be engaging and give people a hint of what’s to come.

What Are You Offering?

State the benefits of your offer very clearly, so people understand not just what you are offering, but what your offer does for them. When possible, emphasize how easy or unique your offer is.

Next Steps

Whether you are delivering a call to action or a sales pitch, it has to be very clear to readers what they need to do next. Produce a sense of urgency that makes people act immediately. Once they put the mail down without taking immediate action, chances become instantly reduced that they will take action at all.

Add a P.S.

People often look over the headline of a direct mail piece, then peruse it for other highlighted items. Put an important piece of information about your offer or highlight a great benefit in the P.S. section, and people are more likely to go back and read the entire piece.

An Order Form

The order form is your last chance to make an impression on readers. A plain form that doesn’t grab readers’ attention could be enough to tilt those┬áthat were on the fence toward deciding not to respond. You should also consider including a business reply envelope that makes it easier for people to get back to you before they change their minds.

Satisfaction Guarantee

While you don’t have to include a guarantee, having one in place makes people feel better about accepting your offer. In a sales piece this could include a money back guarantee for peace of mind. In a nonprofit direct mailing it could be assuring people that a large percentage of their money is going to operations rather than administration.

Once you have carefully designed your pitch, take the final important step of hiring a company experienced in direct mail printing. Ask to see samples of their work, and about the availability of different printing colors, fonts and paper. No matter how great your pitch is, a poorly printed mailing will end up in the trash unread.

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