Incredible Amendments in the Economic Reformation Program of Malaysia – BR1M 2017!

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Success of BR1M 2017 Malaysia has been making a buzz across the globe. Congratulations to the honorable Prime Minister of the nation Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak and the Barisan National Government for implementing and executing a plan, much befitting to the underprivileged Malaysian populace. Fiscal assistance has been a subject much talked about in various circles. However, it is the Barisan National Government taking effective steps to eradicate poverty on a whole. Billions of ringgits are allocated to needy moneyless families and individuals to keep up with the growing expenses of time.

It is acceptable that a poverty-stricken family wears out under the burden of fulfilling basic needs of every member. Hence, the Semakan BR1M 2017 announces incredible reformation in the economic act. Before spilling the beans on what the new act proposes, it is worth getting schooled about when did the first BR1M economic transformation program first come into existence. Well, the Barisan National Government first shed limelight onto the program in the year 2012. However, it was the budget of 2013 that witnessed execution of the plan for the people’s good. Eligibility criteria was set and the sanctioned rakyats could bag in decent amounts of RM500 as free financial aid by the government. Indigent individuals with very low income could also earn RM250 as a big help. However, it was the BR1M 2017 that made all the news.

Too many changes and upgradations were processed. Per the new economic act, families earning below RM3000 could win hands on funds worth RM1200. Individuals with scantier income of less than RM2000 could avail free funds of RM450. That certainly does not sum up all! Families falling within the income brackets of RM3000-RM4000 are also granted RM900 as immediate assistance. Semakan BR1M 2017 also comes with an added perk of family bereavement scheme. Per this, in case of unfortunate happenings, the closest in terms of blood relation or the next-of-kin of the registered BR1M recipient will be granted RM1000 as compensation by the government.

While the program has been accorded as a successful and well-thought strategy to bid farewell to poverty over time, BR1M 2017 Malaysia has also been slammed on a few platforms. Good things first, it is certainly an effective economic reformation program helping Malaysian populace of the poor strata to cope up with everyday expenses with ease. On the contrary, it also fuels chances of people becoming dependent on what the government has up for grabs. Instead of finding means to bring home the groceries, citizens might become lazy and dependent on the perks provided by government for all underprivileged families.

It has also been stated that Malaysia BR1M 2017 is merely a temporary fix to economic hurdles. The underlying cause of poverty remains untouched. Since it is an initiative by the government to slacken the financial burden off the shoulders of country’s penniless civilians, it is also a huge responsibility. Instead of solely counting on the benefits the government must offer, individuals and families should find means to earn their bread and butter.

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