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If you’ve ever driven on a highway or navigated a parking lot, chances are you’ve come into contact with asphalt. It’s the backbone of our roads, and an affordable, resilient material. When people in the Houston area need asphalt, they contact Houston Asphalt Contractors. Whether you want to pave a driveway, patch a pothole, or expand your business’ parking lot, they’re the contractor for you.

You may be asking, why asphalt? Why not cement or gravel? Asphalt has many advantages over other materials. It lasts longer, costs less, and holds up to the wear and tear of Mother Nature better than cement. It’s renewable, made from natural materials; and unlike gravel, it won’t wash away during a rainstorm. Asphalt has been used in construction for centuries. It has survived the test of time, and will continue to be used as we maintain and expand our country’s roads.

Houston Asphalt Contractorswill also provide seal coating treatments to preserve the life of your pavement. For a little more money at the front end, you can avoid the hassle and expense of replacing your surfaces on the back end. The sealants they use are safe and have been formulated specifically to protect against rain, snow, and extreme weather. Besides sealing treatments, they also offer striping and painting services. If you need new lines drawn in your parking lot, they can help. If you’re a landlord at an apartment complex and need to paint entrances and exits on your property, they have the experience you need. They use only the highest quality paints and their employees understand the complex fire codes and ADA requirements. They’ll work with you step-by-step to ensure you meet your deadlines and stay within your budget.

Houston Asphalt Contractors will also help you in the designing process. They have years of experience working with companies of all sizes. They will help you create a parking lot that’s easy to enter and exit. They will help you determine the optimal number of spots in your lot, providing the space and comfort your customer’s need, while also abiding by city, state, and federal laws.

So, whether you’re planning on remodeling your home or completing a large scale construction project, look for a Houston asphalt contractor. The quality of their work and their commitment to customer service will ensure you’ll be satisfied with the results. Call today for a free estimate.

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