GWC Valves USA: Supply Chain

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When it comes to the GWC Valves USA company, their supply chain is extremely crucial for them since they are a manufacturing company that sells a physical product. A supply chain is the processes of multiple firms linked together to form a supply chain and it is all for customer value in the end. The supply chain starts with the raw materials, then the supplier, the manufacturing process, the finished products, the distribution, the retailer or wholesaler, which ultimately leads to the customer. Most companies like to have an efficient supply chain, which is called just in time inventory. The reason why companies choose just in time is due to there being a low cost across the chain, it minimizes inventory and it is normally seen to be very smooth running. There is also a responsive supply chain, which allows delivery and satisfaction, and there are critical points that have inventory.

When it comes to processes, there are two main types such as core processes and support processes. Core processes involve the supplier relationship, order fulfillment, customer relationship and new service or product development. There are also support processes which include providing key resources and they are essential to management of business. There are major process decisions that a company needs to go through and there are four including the customer involvement which is the customer interaction factors, process structure which is either a batch, line, continuous flow, or project, resource flexibility which involves how flexible the employees are, the workplace and the equipment, and capital intensity which is the human resources, equipment, and the cost of everything combined. A project is highly customizable, and takes more time, a batch is customizable and volumes are low, a line process is an assembly line, high volumes and a mass production and a continuous flow is extremely high volume and it is very capital intense.

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