Gold grills – The ostentatious way of adorning teeth

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Everything related to the lives of the hip-hop makers seems to have got the touch of Midas, including their teeth. The funky world of hip-hop is seeing new levels of craziness with every part of the personality getting a dopey makeover. With newer trends catching up the attention of the hip-hop community, fashion has become the part and parcel of life. Designer cars, luxury villas, and blinging jewellery – the list got the new entrant i.e. the custom teeth grills that can help any hip-hop maniac stand out easily in a crowd.

Gold grill designs that speak wealth

Gold grills for teeth provide very ostentatious way of decorating the tooth line. The front teeth can be all covered with the cover set, or one may cover the alternate ones with gold dentiture. Some very interesting gold grill designs are:

  • Gold mesh front
  • Gold grills studded with iced out CZ diamonds
  • Gold in combination with other precious stones such as ruby, diamonds and sapphires etc.

What a bling to die for! Such filthy rich ideas can come only in the minds of the show-offs like hip-hop artistes who probably do not know what exactly to do with all the monies poured on them. So, better option for them is ‘why not even have teeth made of gold and precious stones?’

Permanent or custom? Who needs even a discussion?!!

Though it is advisable to contact doctor first before you plunge into the craziness of having permanent gold dentiture, but does madness have a method? While the other creative intelligentsia may be busy getting skin grafts done or smile corrected, the hip-hop maniacs are busy putting their flashy adornments on and make the world go crazy. Because teeth definitely is not going to grow back; once a loss of tooth is loss forever, if you have time or patience, a moment to ponder over is still worth a consideration.

So, let’s go a little less than crazy and select the custom grills that are easily removable. You can bring in the bling with dental covers made of gold, silver, diamond etc. and conveniently come back to normal when the curtains are called.

If normal is not your cup of tea, then continue using custom designed grills from to whatever period of time you want. You can even have as many sets as you want to go with your mood.

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