Getting Justice For Your Elderly Loved One

It is too terrible to even contemplate; it is one of the cruelest and most horrendous forms of abuse in existence, and yet it is happening all over the country. Thousands of seniors suffer from nursing home abuse each year. Sadly, very few cases are reported.

If you have seen a sudden decline in the health of your elderly loved one, if they seem constantly distracted or have marks and bruises on their bodies that cannot be explained, then they might be victims of nursing home abuse.

The Truth Will Out

Your loved one may be less than forthcoming about their ordeal. To understand why, you must put yourself in their shoes. They have spent their entire life standing up for themselves and for you. Their advanced age has greatly reduced their strength and ability to fend off those who would do them harm. They are vulnerable and they know it, but a strong sense of pride and dignity will not allow them to admit such weakness—especially to those closest to them.

Your best move if you suspect nursing home abuse is to hire a lawyer such as the ones found at Only a lawyer who has extensive expertise and has handled a great many nursing home abuse cases will know how to interview your loved one and get to the truth.

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Filing Suit

Nursing homes are responsible for the actions of their staff. The abuse suffered by your loved one may be coming from one individual or several; it may be a series of isolated incidents or a systematic pattern of neglect and violence. Whichever the case, it is up to the management of the nursing home to establish the most rigorous employee selection criteria and to put in place effective measures for quality control and monitoring. The abuse of your loved one is the result of the failure of the nursing home to do this, and they must be held accountable.

The best means of holding them accountable for what your parents or grandparents have suffered is to file suit against them. Getting compensation for what has been done is the only form of acceptable justice.

Protecting Your Elderly Loved Ones

Elder abuse comes in many different forms. Physical, emotional, psychological, and financial abuse are the most common forms. The latter is especially widespread. Seniors are vulnerable to the pressures and schemes of aggressive relatives and nursing home staff. Getting an elderly person to sign over their retirement checks or to give out their bank details or to join some Ponzi scheme is a favorite among the unprincipled and the unscrupulous. It is up to the nursing home to protect their patients against such predators. If they have failed to do that, then they should be made to pay for their incompetence and oversight.

Working with a lawyer will help you get justice for your elderly loved one. It will also put failing and careless nursing homes on notice.

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