Four of the Coolest Cosplay Costumes for Costume Lovers

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A fun way to spruce up for a party or an event is to wear the right costumes. In this regard, one of the most liked modern ways to make costumes is making them in a way that imitates characters in comic books, cartoons, movies, video games and TV series. These types of costumes are known as Cosplay Costumes. This is widespread in Asia and more specifically Japan as well as most parts of the western-world. Cosplayers are people who wear these costumes, and seeing as they want to look their best for cosplay events, they do their best to look for tailor-made and unique apparel in order to stand out. The following types of apparel are liked and widely chosen by cosplayers:

1) Costumes based on Anime Characters

These costumes are made based on the characters of animations made by Japanese animators. Fans of anime like Kenshin of Samurai X, look for ways to imitate his dressing. Other anime costumes include Batman costumes, Tokyo Ghoul costumes and Inuyasha costumesas seen at Cosplayers look for ways to make their costumes interesting by mashing them up. For example, mashing up a Batman costume with that of Kenshin costume can be a fun way to wear a costume.

2) Costumes based on video game characters

These types of costumes are inspired by characters in video games. Cosplayers who love video games like the “League of Legends” or “Final Fantasy” create costumes of a character like Zed found in the “League of Legends” and wear them to show their allegiance and love for them. Armored costumes are also a favorite among game lovers. Since one is able to tailor-make their costumes, it is easy to make the character look more appealing or less appealing depending on what the cosplayer wants to portray.

3) Costumes based on Movie and TV series characters

In this case, cosplayers adopt costumes similar to characters found in movies.Supermanand Avengers costumes are some of the most liked. Children like princess costumes and power ranger costumes. Cosplayers have fun with their costumes by cross-dressing. Women who love characters like Superman make skirts instead of pants when imitating a superman costume. Here, lovers of both classical movies and modern ones try to outdo each other in cosplay events and competitions. For example, a Shakespeare lover will go head to head with a lover of Game of thrones.

4) Costumes made based on characters found in comics

Manga are comics made for the Japanese audience. Characters drawn in these comics provide inspiration for cosplayers. Adopting characters such those found in DC comics is also popular for those in Asia and the Western world. Events such as the San Diego comic events provide an avenue for creativity and competition for costume lovers.
Other than just the apparel, cosplayers adorn wigs and shoes that make the costume complete. They also use props to make the character march the original fully. A costume is judged by its accuracy and craftsmanship. It is, therefore, imperative to look for the best manufactures in order to get the best results.

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