Different Types of Lift Chairs

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With old age, comes difficulty in moving around. There is one thing that can help old people with their weakened bones. Lift chairs are designed to help its users feel comfortable and can help assist them in sitting, lying down or standing up. Lift chairs can pass as a medical equipment because it helps aid those who suffer from certain conditions to feel at ease or comfortable when using it.

There are different types of positions for a lift chair based on what a user wants. Lift chairs are not just for seating. It can also be used as a napping chair or even as a bed. There are 5 different positions for a lift chair, each has their use and benefits.

Types of Lift Chair Position

Trendelenburg Position

Named after the German physician Friederich Trendelenburg, this position if good for the body’s circulation. It provides blood flow on the lower part of the body. The Trendelenburg position is beneficial for those who suffer heart ailments and other conditions where they are required to raise their legs above their heart for proper blood circulation.

Zero-Gravity Position

The Zero-Gravity position is a position where the lift chair’s lower portion is slightly raised higher than the Trendelenburg position. The purpose of this position is to relieve the spinal pressure and muscle tension of the body. The spine, hip, and knee joints are positioned in such a way that it balances the muscles’ midpoint. It also helps in proper circulation of the body.


The 2-Position lift chair is the popular position. It reclines the lift chair slightly, making it appear similar with a normal recliner. This position is similar with a “Lazy Boy” recliner. It is suited when watching television. They also offer some sort of “lift”, assisting you when you get up from the chair.


3-Position lift chair positions are similar with “Lazy-Boy” recliners. The only difference is that 3-Position tend to recline further than an average “Lazy-Boy” recliner. The footrest tends to raise the user’s feet when reclining to a 3-Position. This position is normally used for lounging and relaxing. It is also good for those who want to sleep in their chairs without hurting their backs in their sleep.

Infinite-Position Lift Chairs

The Infinite position is very much similar to the zero-gravity position. In an Infinite position, the chair is reclined back so that the lower portion of your body is raised above your heart. This is good to those who prefers to sleep on the chair or to those who suffer from an injury and needs to recover by raising their legs. The Infinite position helps remove the pressure from the spine. This position also helps you achieve the Zero-Gravity and Trendelenburg positions.

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