Differences Make You Smart: ValueMags

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ValueMags is one of the most unique companies that distributes entertainment in North America. The marketing agency for magazine publishers is the first company to distribute magazines or print issues on behalf of the publishers all while marketing them on a strategically built platform. For the most part, the ValueMags marketing department implements similar marketing strategies for each magazine. Their min pitch to publishers is that ValueMags is a nationally recognized household entertainment name which will allow them to have an increase in visibility by being associated with their name. Although some may believe that being next to the competition is intimidating and will take away the spot light, the agency believes that it will force publishers to come up with even more unique content so they stand out.

Standing out is important in any business however. In our current world, unless it is in the science and/or technology industries, it is difficult to be innovative. It is hard to come up with an idea that has not already been tested or done. So for the most part, individuals will try to come up with something better. In other words, magazines are not a unique product. It is what is in the magazines that make them different. Being different is important in a world where is every is encouraged to be the same and is taught to be the same.

To elaborate, ValueMags has only hired individuals that have resumes and personalities that stand out. Their unique set of experiences and what can be learnt orĀ  passed on to other employees is what ValueMags looks for in candidates. ValueMags President, Andrew Degenholtz, encourages his kids on a daily basis to be different and be themselves. Being different is what will make you interesting. Why would someone want to talk to someone they are similar to? Sure, you’ll get laugh out of it but what will you learn? Knowledge is different. Have it.

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