Commercial Choice: Using Porcelain for Business Projects

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Many homeowners are fans of using porcelain tile in their design projects because the material can be produced to resemble a wide range of styles and designs. Porcelain tile is also incredibly durable and long-lasting, yet an inexpensive choice, so why not apply it in commercial uses as well?

Businesses looking to do some improvements in and around their workplace can benefit from using porcelain tile, whether in a busy commercial kitchen or just trying to give an elegant edge to an office. The amazing versatility of porcelain tile means it can be produced to look like a much more expensive hardwood floor, or it can tile a wall beautifully at a reasonable price.

Porcelain and ceramic tiles are often described interchangeably, but there are some important differences between the two types of tile to bear in mind. While ceramic tile is produced with clay and minerals, porcelain tile is made from a sand-like substance. The tiles are made through applying heat and pressure to the tiles, which can then be used for interior design.

Unlike ceramic tile, porcelain tile absorbs less water and is therefore valuable for use not only inside but also outside where being exposed to rainstorms won’t cause damage.

The three main perks of using porcelain tile in a professional setting are its strength, its resistance to damage, and the simplicity in caring for and cleaning the tiles.

First, because porcelain is produced at higher temperatures than ceramic tile, it is incredibly dense and much more resilient to damage than ceramic tile. This means that porcelain tile will resist scratching and chipping and is great for use in busy commercial spaces. That means companies can focus on doing work rather than worrying about damage to their floors.

Second, installation of porcelain tile flooring, countertops and other features is simple – an attractive perk for businesses that can’t risk shutting down for days while their space is renovated. Cleaning porcelain tile is also easy with soap and water, which means that busy offices and companies don’t have to worry about expensive cleaning and maintenance with porcelain tile. Unlike other materials, it also doesn’t require sealing, helping to keep upkeep costs very low.

Third, there are many different design options for porcelain tile whether it’s to resemble wood, marble, or some other potentially more expensive material. This extensive collection of styles, patterns, colors and more can be adapted to whatever a business requires. And although the designs will have a convincing look, like mimicking a hardwood floor, it’ll be at much lower cost than if the company had paid for the actual material instead of the pattern on the porcelain tile.

It’s obvious that porcelain tile is a popular choice in the workplace and companies trying to decide which material to use for their next interior design projects should consider the wide world of possibilities they could have if they opt for porcelain tile.

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