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Choosing the Best Paint for Your Home

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Most people consider buying a can of paint to be an easy exercise until they walk into a paint store. When you are faced with many options, the process of selecting the best paint can be overwhelming. Therefore, it is important to familiarize yourself with the products in the market before embarking on the exercise. Paint plays an important role in determining the appearance of your home. Making the right decision will start with where you buy the paint. At JC Licht, we have earned a reputation of selling quality paint to our customers.

Picking a color
Since color is what will cover the surface you intend to paint, it is important to invest time and effort into choosing the paint color. One of the first steps towards choosing the right color is to start with chips. This will give you a sense of the colors you would prefer on your wall. Once you have settled on the colors you want, you can request a sample. Try out the samples under different lighting conditions to see if the colors match your needs. As you choose the most suitable color, you should keep in mind the style of your home as well as the type of furniture you have.

Be mindful of the paint type
When buying paint, you will need to choose between latex and oil paints. Each of these types has their advantages. Latex paint is water-based, a factor that makes it easy to clean once it has been applied. Latex paints are also known to have faster drying time, making it a popular paint for most projects. Although oil-based paint is smoother and thicker, it requires a considerable amount of time to dry. The solvents used to clean this type of paint are hazardous, meaning that you will have to wear protective gear when cleaning and proceed to dispose of the solvents responsibly.

There are different types of finish
There is no doubt that finish will contribute to the final appearance of your rooms. Whether you are painting the exterior, interior walls or ceilings, you should choose finishes that work well with your space. Some of the options available to paint buyers include flat, satin, semi gloss and high-gloss.

Consider the costs
With the high costs at which quality paint is available, you should ensure that you get the most from your investment. Part of the information that will help you to estimate the related cost is the square footage, how large a surface the paint can cover and the cost of the paint.
Quality paint should resist wear and tear, maintaining its glow, color and finish for a long time. The experts in our various JC Licht paint stores will guide you on how to choose quality paint. When you visit our stores, you will be sure of getting value for money.

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