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Helping a loved one choose to move from his or her own independent home to an assisted living home is a difficult decision to make.  Your loved one may feel like they are losing their independence and are downsizing to a restricted home.  How do you know if the assisted living home will be a good choice for your family?  Below, we have listed some key points to look for when selecting assisted living accommodations.

It is all about how it makes you feel!

How do you feel when you walk in to the assisted living home?  Does it feel warm and inviting?  Are people happy?  The way a place feels will go a long way when choosing a home.  If people are sad and miserable, that feeling will carry over to your loved ones.  If people are active, happy and lively, then chances are it will rub off on your family.  Take note of how the staff is interacting with the residents and how the residents are interacting with one another.  And remember, a first impression is usually the right impression.

What about the “bones” of the place?

The structure is just as important as the atmosphere.  Make sure the apartment or room has non-skid floors.  Is the floor plan of the building easy to navigate?  If your loved one has a mobility impairment make sure the proper ADA adaptations are in place.  Also, remember to look for the ease of moving throughout the space.  If your loved one is in a wheelchair or uses a walker, are the doorways wide enough?  Are shelves and closets easy to reach?

Take a look at the contract.

Each assisted living facility will have its own contract.  In some cases, the contract is just between the actual resident and the facility, while other assisted living centers choose to allow the entire family to be involved in determining the contact.  In the contract, details about available healthcare, services, and price are outlined.  Make sure the service available at the assisted living center is in line with the services your loved ones currently require, and may require in the near future.  At this point, it is also important to cover what refunds or fees may be associated in the event that a loved one must be transferred to a different facility if he or she should require additional care.  The cost is also important to discuss.  In some cases, there may be government assistance benefits in place to help cover some of the costs associated with assisted living.

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