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Every person has a dream that to fly an aircraft but all dreams are shattered because there are many people who choose other field as the occupation. But if you still think and want to relive your dream then you should be happy to hear about the fact that there are many private pilot training courses or programs available that you can learn at very considerable rates.

When you go for the training then you get the training of three to four months but you can also choose the accelerated course in which you can learn how to fly an airplane in just 3 weeks.

About the training

  • Stage 1 – in the first stage of the training program you get to know about the two type of pilot training. First is ground instruction i.e. aeronautical knowledge and second is flight instruction i.e. aeronautical experience. First stage of the training is known as a very important part of the training this is because this is the foundation of the process and if you fail to get the basics then it is very difficult for you to learn the plane. That’s why always focus on the first stage.
  • Stage 2 – in this stage you learn the basics of how to fly the plane. During this training you also get assistance from the well trained instructor who tells you about the interior of the cockpit and on how knots you need to fly the airplane.
  • Stage 3 – in this stage instructor tells you about how to land the flight and how to take off the flight and how to fly the plane during night etc. In this stage, landing is considered as a very important part. These instructors tell you about how much speed and maximum height you need to land the plane perfectly.

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