Adapting to Changing Cultures with ValueMags

There are many factors that differ across cultures such as values and norms. Is it up to ValueMags, Chicago based marketing and distribution company for magazines, to understand their clients cultures. Understanding clientele culture is a simple factor within a mandatory market analysis before an entrepreneur launches any business. The issue with culture is that they are constantly changing with new trends, norms, and values. Values are how cultures are characterized. Markets and groups endorse what they believe in which turns into a domino effect or the status quo. With the Internet, marketers and businesses are faced with a whole new challenge though because of how quickly trends circulate. These trends change monthly with the viral ability of the Internet.

Although ValueMags is based in Chicago and only ships to the United States, the company is considering expanding their shipments and services. It is an innovative and ambitious idea but it is still just an idea. Among the many factors that they have to sort out if they do, one is the culture factor. Dealing with international culture is a complete separate ball game than just national culture (which is still diverse). There are many aspects of culture and how individuals receive content differently such as power, gender roles, advice and tolerance, individualism and collectivism, long-term orientation, values, norms, and aspects as simple as color. Where the color red means inferiority, anger, aggression, and danger in North America, red symbolizes happiness in China. The United States values freedom while Japan values security over any other value. As a company that represent magazine publishers, ValueMags is determined to put their best foot forward to all cultures. That begins with international marketing research.

Changing norms and values are what keep companies going or kill them. It is up to the companies to adapt to the changing cultures of their market(s) and groups. For more information about ValueMags and their inclusive efforts, visit the link above. Join their culture for the best print entertainment on the market!

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