A milestone reached towards attaining sustainable development

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Norilsk is the city in Russia which was not so popular till the declaration of the shutdown of the Nickel plant by the top nickel manufacturing company Nornickel.  The officials of this company declared that the major decision about the decommissioning of the Nickel refinery prior to about two months than the scheduled shut down is a step towards contributing an important role in sustainable development.  The company has shut all the processes at this plant with the immediate effect and takes care of the social responsibility it holds towards. The company has also declared that the production of the metal and its refinery will not be affected in any way because the production and the refinery activities have been transferred to the Kola MMC and NN Harjavalta plants. These plants are highly efficient and equipped with modern facilities for efficient production of the metal.

Shutdown is just beginning for sustainable development

The shutdown of this plant has brought lots of happiness among the Norilsk people as they have got the solution for the environmental challenges that the world is facing in the present time. They have realized that the company is also with them in making this place a better world to live a healthy life. According to the Norilsk live, this shutdown was a part of its newly formulated corporate strategy in which the company wishes to increase concentration towards the sustainable development. There was a joint agreement between the Norilsk administration, Krasnoyarsk government, ministry of economics development and the company to decommission of this Nickel refinery unit.

The company is working towards pushing the people of this city along with its employees towards the effective utilization of the resources. For this, the company has also signed various agreements and memorandum of Understandings with the other companies and the authorities at the global level.

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