8 Wonderful Ways to Accent a Bedroom Wall

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Creating an accent wall is the easiest way to give your bedroom a design punch. The wall behind the headboard is the perfect place for this purpose because there’s no chance for any big piece of furniture to create a visual obstruction between you and the wall. Let’s see how you can transform the place without taking much pain.

Are you a science geek? Bring your nerdy spirit out and paint it on your bedroom wall! Apply a charcoal blackboard paint on the wall and fill it up with equations, calculations, or you can even draw up a Schrodinger’s cat! If it’s your kid’s bedroom, such a wall will help to break up the gender stereotypes such as painting the boy’s room in blue and girl’s room in pink.

Decorating with raised panel wainscoting can looksmore attractive when you place it strategically on your bedroom wall.Bring wainscoting decorations to the bedroom by adding white moldings in the shapes of picture frames on the wall. Keep the wall color contrasting to highlight the frames even more.

The worn look of reclaimed wood is incomparable to anything else. Cover the wall with these weathered wooden beams, and they are bound to catch attention. However, if you are not a fan of such a shabby chic style, whitewash the wall to keep a balance between rustic and contemporary styles.

Who says that tiles are only for ceilings or for your kitchen and bathroom? An assortment of tin ceiling tiles can create a stunning headboard wall. Use different types of tiles with varying scales of patterns to make it visually appealing. However, keep all the tiles in a similar size and arrange them carefully to avoid a busy look.However, you can also keep all the tiles in the same design to create a harmonious and more relaxed look. Using metal tiles in a golden tone will luxe up the place and will be the first thing to notice after entering the room.

Installing 3D wave panels is also a good idea for creating an accent wall. They are visually attractive and will look even better if you can install accent lighting to focus on the panels. However, keep in mind that 3D wave panels are expensive and almost all the designs are compatible with only a chic, modern setup.

Decals are available in a wide range of styles. So, you have them in whatever motif you can think of. You can keep it simple but impressive by placing simple shapes such as crosses or dots randomly on the wall. It can also be a good way to experiment with colors. As decals are not permanent, choose them in a color that you want to bring into your bedroom. See if the color matches with the rest of the décor so that you can make up your mind on the bedroom color scheme. Vinyl stickers can be an alternative to decals. They are inexpensive, non-permanent, and are available in a wide array of designs and patterns.

Painting the bedroom wall with murals is another way to elevate the room. Murals are expensive, but if you can carefully choose the design and color, they will look simply stunning! Use the wall as a canvas to tell your favorite story, paint a beautiful scenery, or whatever you like to be there. Another plus point of murals is that you can pair them up with any style with the right selection of the theme and color scheme.

Take your favorite picture, blow it up, and then print on a couple of canvas frames. It could be the picture of a famous painting, a landscape scenery, or your favorite player. Just stretch it across several canvas frames and arrange them on the headboard wall for creatinga dynamic look.There are so many ways to create an accent wall! However, you should always go with the one that fits your budget and lookssynchronizing to the décor scheme of the bedroom. Otherwise, even a beautiful accent wall will only be a disaster!

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