5 Questions to Answer Before Purchasing Your Luxury Pontoon

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Selecting Your Luxury Pontoon Boat

Choosing a pontoon boat can be a big decision.  It is important that it not only provides the comfort you want but the functionality that you will need.  Before making your pontoon boat purchase, ask yourself the following 5 questions to ensure you get exactly what you need.

Is the boat going to be for cruising or do you want to use it for water sports as well?

One important thing to decide when choosing your pontoon boat is what your primary use of it will be.  Are you looking for a boat that has a smooth ride to cruise around the lake or take a ride to your neighbors?  Or do you want to be able to use your boat for water sports such as tubing, wakeboarding, and water skiing?   Determining the primary use of the boat will help you choose the most appropriate motor.

How many people do you plan to have on the boat at one time?

As with any vessel, each pontoon boat has its total person capacity.  While this is important to factor in, you will also want to know how many people you will have on the boat for most outings.  You will want people to be able to relax, move around and have some space, so figuring which size is right for you should be based on how many people can comfortably fit more than legally fit.

What top speed do you want your pontoon boat to be able to reach?

This may go back to the question of what you intend to use your pontoon boat for.  Pontoon boat speeds can vary by the type of engine it has as well as how many people you have on it.  If your intention is to simply cruise around the lake, a high top speed may not be necessary.  If you want to use the boat for water sports or to travel at a faster pace, a boat with a high horsepower engine might be the answer.

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Do you have any intention to fish off your pontoon?

If you are a fisherman, you will need to know whether you prefer to fish from the bow or from the stern of the boat.  You will also want to determine whether you will be using the boat for fishing in one spot or trolling.  By knowing this you will be able to determine the type of motor as well as which boat design will accommodate your fishing hobby, such as elevated seating.

What luxury features are most important to you?

If your intention is to cruise the lake in style, you will want to determine what luxury features will be most important to you.  When choosing a luxury pontoon, you way want to choose from such features as,

  • Custom shade options
  • Additional storage
  • Comfortable customized seating
  • On-board furnishings such as tables or bars
  • Additional levels
  • Reverse seating for fishing or simply for the view

Cruising the lake in your own luxury pontoon can get you closer to nature, while still maintaining the comfort level you desire. Be sure to answer the 5 questions above to ensure you get the best pontoon for you.

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