4 Ways That Recruiting Software Can Give You a Competitive Advantage

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Recruiter software is a tool that allows you to easily recruit and hire new talent. It electronically handles all of your recruitment needs. Both small and large companies use recruiter software. There are numerous types of recruiting software programs and they vary in features and functionality. The primary purpose of recruiter software is to streamline all of the information about your company’s recruiting efforts into a centralized location. Applicant tracking systems are used along with recruiting software to track applicant information and resumes once they are entered into the recruiting software. Many recruiting software programs also include applicant tracking functionality.

Choosing the right talent acquisition software offers many advantages to businesses. It can help you find and recruit exactly the talent that your company needs to grow. This software helps optimize and make your entire recruiting process more efficient. Here are some of the other benefits of recruiter software.

#1 Makes the Hiring Process More Efficient

Recruiter software and applicant tracking systems allow you to automate applicant recruitment and tracking. Traditional recruiting methods involve screening dozens or hundreds of resumes, emailing candidates and scheduling interviews. Recruiter software provides all of the tools that you need to streamline this process. It allows you to easily post jobs across multiple platforms, accept resumes and maintain interview scheduling. This significantly reduces the amount of time spent recruiting employees, freeing you up to focus on other things. 

#2 Helps You Find the Right Candidates

Recruiting software helps you more easily source the perfect candidates for your position. You can easily post jobs across numerous online job boards and social media. Most software programs allow you to search by education, skill and location. In addition, many programs gather candidates profiles from Twitter, Facebook, Google and other social media sites so that you have all the information that is needed to find the right candidate.

#3 Make Hiring Decisions Based on Data

It allows your hiring decisions to be more data-driven. You can select the right candidates based on objective data that is collected by the system.

#4 Lets You Conduct Interviews That Are More Focused 

With the recruiting process streamlined, you can focus on creating customized applications for applicants. This lets you conduct more focused interviews and collect richer information.

What Features Should I Look for in Recruiting Software and Applicant Tracking Programs?

It is important to look for the right features when it comes to recruiting software. Here are several of the most important things to consider.

  • Cloud-based-This type of system is best as there is nothing to download or maintain. In addition, all of your important data is backed up to the internet. 
  • Transparent pricing-Look for a program that has transparent pricing and terms. Avoid long-term contracts and watch out for hidden charges.

As you can see, recruiter software and applicant tracking software can make it simple to find the right candidate for your company’s job openings.

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