4 Tips for Making the Most of Your Gym Time

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The busier we get, the easier it is for fitness commitments to fall through the cracks — even when you have a beautiful, 4,000-square-foot fitness center in your apartment complex. These tips will help you get in and out of the gym as efficiently as possible. And hey, if you end up with a few extra minutes, South Shore’s luxurious sports lounge is the perfect place to relax.

1. Pack a Bag

Gyms don’t come any more convenient than having the South Shore fitness center right next door — but even then, fumbling for a change of clothes, your gym shoes, or a stick of deodorant can eat up valuable time. If you keep a gym bag always stocked with clean workout clothes, socks, shoes, a few quick snacks (energy bars work well) and a bottle of water, you can grab and go at a minute’s notice.

2. Have a Plan

The whole point of a gym is packing as many fitness options as possible into a limited space. It’s easy to get distracted by all those options if you step into that space without a plan, so take a few minutes to map out your workout strategy — start with a warm-up, then mix in your choice of higher-intensity workout, and wrap it all up with a cool-down — before you even step in the door. Better yet, map out your workouts a month at a time: You’ll see better results.

3. Make It Fun

The more fun your workouts are, the easier it’ll be to make that short walk to the fitness center. Here are just a few ideas for jazzing up your sweat time:

  1. Recruit a workout buddy. Sure, misery loves company — but so does fun. You can spot each other in the weight room, crack bad jokes and, most importantly, motivate each other to actually show up and sweat.
  2. Make a workout playlist — great tunes have been scientifically proven to make exercise feel easier.
  3. Switch it up. With 4,000 square feet of fitness center and workout equipment to choose from, there’s no reason for your gym time to be boring. Try switching to a different cardio machine, using free weights instead of the weight machine, or alternating long, steady-state workouts with high-intensity intervals.
  4. Check out the group cycling and yoga classes offered at South Shore fitness center — there’s something for everybody!

4. Choose a Goal

Nothing motivates like having a concrete, measurable and attainable goal that you’re genuinely excited about. So choose something that’s just challenging enough to be fun — it could be finishing your first 5K, hiking up a nearby mountain, or cycling from one town to the next — and map out a series of concrete steps you can take to meet that goal.

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