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Online piracy is a term that has been thrown around a lot recently. With the rise in technology, it’s becoming easier and easier to achieve, and the benefits even greater. It’s the term that’s used to describe the illegal copying of digital materials that are already copyrighted. The term “piracy” has it’s origins long before the internet was even around, “online piracy” seemed like the perfect term for this illegal activity.

There are many different types of piracy, some more popular than others. They are all done for the monetary gain of the one doing the pirating. They feel as though it’s a good way to make a lot of money fast. This problem is expanded when there are millions of people out there that are willing to use these pirated materials, because they know that it will either be free, or a lot cheaper than if they paid the correct price for it.

There are many different types of online piracy but the most common currently are: music piracy, movie piracy, software piracy, pornography piracy, and TV show piracy. There are others, but these are much less common and are often very specialised. The effects of online piracy are not very well established as it’s hard to judge how many people would have paid for the materials if a pirated version was not available.

Those that are for online piracy argue that in some cases it might actually help the sale of the product that’s been pirated. They claim that people often pirate goods in order to see if they like it in the first place. If they do enjoy it then they will start to buy similar products, go to concerts, buy whole CDs from the artists, etc. This way money is still fed into the system and if they hadn’t got the pirated goods in the first place then they never would have known about it.

However, if these people used one pirated item, what’s to say they won’t make a habit of it? The majority of people will argue that piracy does and will hold a serious threat to the entertainment industry. They feel as though it cuts into the profits of these companies drastically and will reduce the amount of money that’s possible for the company to make. If they don’t make as much money as they expected, this could have a devastating effect on what they choose to create in the future. In terms of materials like music and movies, it’s not just the actors and artists one must think about. There’s also a huge amount of staff required to create this work, including: publishers, designers, support staff, and more – all of which might choose to no longer work in the industry if there’s no money in it, and that’s if they don’t get laid off first because the company isn’t making the money it calculated it would.

It’s estimated that over $13 billion dollars has been lost due to the piracy of software alone. Programs such as Photoshop are downloaded all the time, and this is a form of piracy that very few people think about. The companies that create these programs price them as they are for a reason, and the money that’s made is used to pay the wages of staff and reinvest the rest to develop more current programs and design new ones. There may come a time where it just won’t be worth it for these companies to continue the way they are going if so many people are able to download their programs for free with just a few clicks of a button.

It’s believed that movies and TV shows have lost around $10 billion dollars, music over $12 billion dollars, and gaming over 2 billion dollars, and that’s only with how things are currently. People are going to continue to download things illegally, well into the future, and more sites are going to pop up that allow people to do so.

It doesn’t look like the problem of online piracy is going to be going away anytime soon, in fact, some people think that it’s going to get worse before it gets better. It’s so hard to pin down those that are doing the pirating, and as it’s becoming easier and easier to get a hold of pirated materials, more members of the public are also giving it a try. Security measures are continuously being developed, but as these measures are rolled out people are developing ways to break and get around them.

There are many sites out there that hook up to file sharing sites, which can help to gain and spread pirated goods. Those such as The Pirate Bay, Kick Ass, Rapid Gator, and 4shared are some of the biggest. The problem is that the sites are technically not doing anything illegal because they do not have the pirated materials directly on the website, instead the sites act almost as a map that points people in the right direction to find the pirated materials that they are looking for.

Currently no one has the answer of how to combat this crime, and it’s turning into a serious problem. There are so many pirated materials out there that it would be almost impossible to round them all up and get rid of them. By the time this was achieved, online pirates would have just created more to replace them. A fail proof method is needed to catch the perpetrators in the act, but when this will happen is anybody’s guess.

This infographic was created by The PirateBay Proxy List,

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